Achieve More Group Coaching

At the School of Productivity, I believe in achieving more in less time all while being held accountable by your peers and your coach! Group coaching is about community building, engagement and hitting the goals you want achieve alongside amazing go-getters. In this

7-week group coaching program, you will learn how to build upon your passions in an action-oriented, step-by-step program. No more feeling overwhelmed or alone!

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Set your intentions.

Hit your milestones.


Have you been trying to set intentions since the start of the new year but it hasn't gone as planned?


Are you confused on what to focus on? Or how to decide which passions are your truest passions?


Are you trying to get what you want but can't find a way to get started because of time, money or support?

I’m here to help with this!  You cannot do this by yourself! We can’t fulfill our destiny and vision alone like the lone ranger any longer, and we need tools and practices, mentorship, and community to flourish!

It’s time to join an amazing group of incredible entrepreneurs, creatives and go-getters up to a similar vision!

When you join my 7-week group coaching program, you will feel at ease. 

By the end of the group coaching program, you will:

  1. Gain clarity on your intentions and step-by-step guidance on how to achieve your intentions

  2. Understand what it takes to achieve your goals - no matter how big or small

  3. Set milestones to get you on the track you what

  4. Discover and implement SMART goals to your personal and professional life

  5. Gain access to a group of life-long supporters!

How it Works:

  • The next 7-week group coaching session starts on February 20th, 2021 at 11 am Eastern Time. 

  • We will meet every Saturday at 11am for 7-weeks via Zoom - don't worry, you can use Zoom on your phone or laptop and it is super easy to sign in.

  • Each session will last 90 minutes - the sessions will include coaching, feedback, accountability checks and Q&A

  • Worksheets, activities, milestone checks, personalized shared Google drives and more included in all sessions 

  • A group text-opt in to maintain your engaging supporters and community

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