Monday Afternoon Grinds!

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Nov. 8, 2021 @ 1pm

Monday Afternoon Grind! 

***** About this Session *****

The Monday Afternoon Grind is a monthly 2 hour workshop

focused on the ever-changing aspects of entrepreneurship and

business growth. Group sessions are the best way to learn from

me, as your session coach, but also from the other group

members who are starting, growing and scaling their business.

When you join a group session, you get an endless list

of benefits. 

Group session benefits:

- Collaboration and Community
- Out of the limelight which allows you reflection and growth
- Cost Effectiveness
- Problem Solving Advice from different perspectives
- Team building (entrepreneurship is lonely!)
- Deep Networking Focus

Each month there is a new topic and for the next month we are kicking off with Social Media!

**** Social Media Edition ******

In the upcoming edition, we will discuss all things social media. This session is great for anyone looking to start or grow their social media presence. 

Participants will receive:

- A copy of my eWorkbook "Hashtag: A Complete Social Media Guide"
- A free social media audit of all social media accounts
- A social media calendar template
- A content creation list of topics for you to create and implement into your social media so you always know what to post
- A discount on any product photography you may need for your business from Be Studios

The session is open to 10 participants. Another session will be added if there is an overflow of interested participants.


This 2-hour session is $100 and includes all of the above!

Copy of Minimal Motivation Self Care Rem
Monday Afternoon Grinds!

Admission fee for this course is $50

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